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At Federal, State and local government level, people with religious agendas are deceiving our politicians over the effects of sexually explicit material and sexual lifestyles. Whenever an adult bookshop makes an application to open in Australia, religious groups immediately lodge complaints about the negative effects this will cause to the community. They present no formal research, no scientific evidence and no facts to back their assertions. And yet time after time, local governments buckle to these fraudulent claims and either refuse a development application or force the applicants to disprove the assertions in costly legal proceedings.

And yet the real story of who it is in our community that is a danger to children and to the moral welfare of the state, reveals that it is none other than the ‘finger-pointers’ themselves. No other profession features in child sexual abuse statistics to anywhere near the extent that church clergy and their backers do. Their response to increasing criticism on the issue is to point the finger at the sex industry in an attempt to shift their guilt and shame

'Sex crimes and sexual depravity will naturally be found in an industry that deals in sex', they argue. So whenever prostitution or censorship law reform is on the agenda, Bishops, Cardinals, suburban and country priests all step forward to condemn those working in the sex industry as immoral and perverse. Politicians continue to bow to the church's so-called 'moral authority' and turn a blind eye to the real facts about child sexual abuse.

How strange it is then that not one adult bookshop owner, prostitute or so-called pornographer appears to have ever been convicted of a child sexual assault in Australia. Not even one. And yet church clergy are represented in the hundreds.

Clearly there is something about the nature of the sex industry that diminishes child sexual abuse and there is something about religious culture that encourages it.

The job ahead for our legislators and community leaders is to conduct a formal enquiry to determine just what this 'something' is. At an individual level, we all need to be aware of the deception that is put forward as fact and rebut it when we see it. This site is offered by the adult industry as an educational tool to achieve this.

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